“J.A.C.E.” a film by Menelaos Karamaghiolis

Based on true stories, this is thrilling and unpredictable Greek entertainment!

The story bears the name of the hero: J.A.C.E.

Jace is of Greek origin, born in Albania, the illegitimate son of a woman who is brutally murdered by her own family when, a little after giving birth to him, she refuses to reveal his father’s identity.

The orphan boy grow up amidst more violence. He is barely seven when witnesses a massacre. His foster family in Gjirokaster falls prey to the Albanian mob. The villains spare the boy, but they turn him into a murderer, by forcing him to shoot – on the spot – his foster father.

Now in the hands of obscure gangsters who “expert” homeless children for various reasons (reasons ranging from beggary to organ trade), J.A.C.E. is immediately “exported” and ends up in Athens, Greece.

This is where an inverted Odyssey begins — one that turns paperless refugees into outlaw fugitives.


– “This is a contemporary Ulysses, without heroism and without a lover awaiting his return. The style of directing adopts all the elements of the epic, making the film a landmark in the postmodern.”  Samir Farid, Al Ahram Weekly. Samir Farid is also a consultant for Cinema affairs in the Bibliotheca Alexandrina

– “J.A.C.E. is the biggest find of this year’s Competition lineup!”, Shigeki KOGANihon Keizai Shinbun (Japanese newspaper) for the 24th Tokyo International Film Festival

– “…A film where the protagonist does not speak, needs skilled script-writing techniques and actor’s direction. This excellent work is perfect in both of these aspects and is completed to be a black entertainment which does not feel like a 142 min film…”, 4/5, Koyori Suzukieigato.com

– “Karamanghiolis crafts a politically charged story of challenging density”. Joseph Proimakis, Cineuropa.org

– “…pure cinematic experience, totally exhilarating and different in terms of film aesthetics and cinematography, delusional, full of emotions, brutally beautiful, sensual, erotic and ironic, but still a crystal clear fairy-tale, J.A.C.E. is” – “The most beautiful, by far, Greek film of the past years…” Tasos Theodoropoulos, iefimerida.gr, Downtown, Metropolis free press

– “The constant twists and the parallel storylines of the characters’ actions are intertwined so wonderfully with a tight filming, the well-chosen cast and a good choice of places. It all ties in an extremely satisfactory result” Adam Adamopoulos, Assistant Professor of Democritus University of Thrace at CameraStylo Online.

“J.A.C.E.: At last, a European movie that dares to speak of a western society taboo, the memory of reality that is” Tellos Filis, Seven Film Gallery

– “J.A.C.E. is a wide shut but charming film, that combines many types of poetry and grafts its existing twists”, Orestis Andreadakis, Cinema Magazine


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